Church Planting & Missional Resources

Our first point of contact for church planting in New England is our District Missionary: Kim Richardson. He can help you identify where to start in praying and discerning about church planting, including information regarding assessment. Also, be sure to read the District Church Planting Strategies handbook.

Special Project – Mission New England” is the fund set up to support church planting and church revitalization on the New England District. Donations can be submitted online. Be sure to mark in the memo with “Special Project – Mission New England”.

All of those interested in church planting on the district and all district pastors are invited to experience CPE (ChurchPlanting Essentials) and CPC (ChurchesPlanting Churches) sessions. Trainings are on-going. To find out when the next session(s) are, send an email to Kim Richardson.

Here are some free books available from that Kim recommends:

The Viral Gospel: How Finding Your Person of Peace Accelerates Your Mission, by Alex Absalom

The Five Habits of Highly Missional People, by Michael Frost

Mission Creep: The Five Subtle Shifts that Sabotage Evangelism and Outreach, by Larry Osborne

There are many other free ebooks available as well.