Our district chaplaincy ministries are overseen by Rev. Edward Frost. Contact him with any questions about chaplaincy.

Rev. Edward Frost, District Chaplaincy Director
or mail to 72 Serenitas Lane, Goffstown NH 03045
Phone # 617-903-7678
Please contact me with any questions regarding Chaplaincy, or if you would like to speak with a chaplain.
Our chaplains work in hospitals, hospices, correctional facilities, police and fire departments, all branches of the military, coastguard, workplace, college, community and congregation!  We go beyond the ‘walls of the church’ to meet people in their own worlds, bringing the presence and care of The Lord.   Chaplains are ‘NEMA’ –  living out the New England ‘missional adventure’. Chaplains bring a calm, non-anxious, non-judgmental, confidential presence.
Could God be calling YOU to chaplaincy ministry?