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The New England District Board of Ministry oversees the credentialing process for district licensed ministers, ordination candidates, and all those ordained who serve on or report to the district.

For questions concerning licensing and credentialing, contact our chairperson, Rev. Dr. John Megyesi.

For questions concerning education, classes, and studies, contact Rev. Dr. John Reilly (Education Director) or Rev. Jason McPherson (Records Secretary)

For questions concerning Candidate Assessment (required for first-time NE district license applicants), contact our Assessment Director, Rev. David Shaw.

Not sure who to ask? Check with our District Secretary: Rev. Gerry Whetstone

Board of Ministry members: Kenneth Stanford, District Superintendent; John Megyesi (2017) – Chair; Gerald Whetstone (District Secretary); Marcella Charles (2017); Miriam Mouzon (2017); John F. Reilly (Education Director, 2017); Joshua Johnson (2018); Lynnette McCabe (2018); Dennis Scott (2018); Gerald Whetstone (2018); Gwendolyn Ambrefre (2018); Kyung Lyul Yu (2018); William Malas (2019); Kazimiera Fraley (2019); Jeremy Scott (2019); Karen Troxler (2019); Geoffrey DeFranca (2020); Becky Turcott (2020); Daniel Whitney (2020); Jason McPherson (Records Secretary)

As you begin, use the Overview of Candidate Process and Responsibilities. This is a general overview of the credentialing process, useful to candidates, pastors, and mentors. Also available in Spanish: Repaso del Candidato Ministerial en español. Also available in Portuguese: Visão Geral do Candidato Ministerial Processo Responsabilidades em Português.

For more information, the Ministry Preparation Handbook is an updated and comprehensive guide to the process of ministry preparation on our district. 

El manual también está disponible en español. (Spanish)

O manual também está disponível em português. (Portuguese)

Forms & Applications:

(Unless it is an online form, you should download the file to work on it. Be sure to save your progress.)

Once you are ready to submit a form or application, do so here.

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